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Since our humble beginnings in 1993, Deans Property has grown to be one of Sydney’s most trusted and successful boutique real estate companies. With a fresh approach backed by years of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence in all areas of real estate, Deans Property is the name you can trust. With a solid and much emulated business model that has at its core the identification and cultivation of untapped areas, Deans Property has cornered the exclusive city fringe marketplace. Despite being seen as a difficult area to properly service due to its unique blend of residential, commercial and industrial properties, Deans Property has proved that its renowned expertise can deliver superior results, time and again. It is this expertise, combined with a central belief system that focuses on the constant re-assessment of procedures and the rigorous study of market trends, that sets Deans Property apart. At Deans Property, we understand that our role is to create peace of mind by creating an effortless, stress free environment that ensures that the client receives what they want, each and every time.

Why Deans Property?

As distinct from the bigger generic real estate companies who tend to focus on internal competition rather than client satisfaction, here at Deans Property we pride ourselves on forging relationships that are built to last. With many of our clients repeat customers of many years standing, our extensive personal connections and unparalleled business networks serve to create a loyal community of trust and understanding. Fully independent with a foundation charter that concentrates on the client as an individual, rather than as a statistic, the team at Deans Property will stand by you every step of the way, regardless of your needs. Renowned for our ability to create targeted, tailor-made campaigns that are both in step with current market trends and aware of future ones, at Deans Property we provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach that ensures your property is managed in the most effective and professional manner possible. Due to our unrivalled experience, here at Deans Property we understand that any property purchase or interaction is one of the biggest decisions that can be made in life, and are here to help you achieve your goals with the minimum of stress.

What do we offer?

In order to properly serve our clients for the long term, we have made a created a unique worldwide patented marketing and transaction system that covers all sections of the property spectrum – the full ‘cycle of business’. From straight sales and leasing, financial collection services, 24 hour tenant management, marketing campaigns and the peerless ability to match properties with our extensive database of clients, our strategic lead-generation and client management model allows us to be whatever you need. With a great team of people, extensive industry experience, powerful patented marketing tools and a will to consistently provide the best possible service in the industry, at Deans Property we have created an agency that puts you - the client - first. A personal, customised approach that effortlessly combines market knowledge with client service. Whatever the question or commitment required, Deans Property is the professional agency you can trust to deliver the solution, outcome and assistance that will exceed your expectations.

Where are we?

Deans Property is conveniently located at 255 Broadway, Broadway NSW 2007. Feel free to pop in and talk to our friendly consultants or call us at anytime on +61 2 9282 6777 and we’ll get back to you immediately to arrange a private appointment. We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams.

Deans Property. We listen. We understand. We do.