Robert Deans

Robert Deans

Chief Executive Officer

In 1993, at the age of 26 he founded Deans Property Pty Ltd after recognising that the Fringe of the City was underserviced by the larger city agencies and forseeing it as a rapidly changing, interesting and diverse real estate enviroment.

Robert moved from Guyra to Sydney in hope of becoming an Architect. He later realised he had talent for recognising real estate opportunities and selling this vision to people. He started out travelled the country selling one of the first Point of Sale software systems and discovered a passion for business systems particulalry for sales and marketing. He then moved into selling businesses, then residential properties, and then commercial properties.

Within two decades, he has gained a comprehensive real estate experience from development through sales, leasing, management and business sales in residential, retail, commercial and industrial real estate services.

Operationally focused and passionate about industry infrastructure and software architecture. Robert’s intention is to ensure Deans Property remains at the forefront of the real estate industry, by ultising best practice information technology and management. By raising the standard and efficiency of business transaction processing, Robert believes that it will improve the integrity of the industry, create confidence in the market place and facilitate the creation of wealth for clients, prospects and industry.

Using their own technology, "Patented approved" in Australia, and in many countries around the world, Deans Property has been fortunate to participate and take advantage of the tools associated with this technology and Robert is confident Deans Property will excel as these technologies come to fruition.

Robert is interested in developing better community modeling and networking for both business and social environments. Many projects are related to redeveloping buildings into small business communities and business incubator style environments, as seen in “Our Successes”.

Other projects are related to bringing large business groups and stakeholders together to create a collective opportunity for development and growth beyond the individual opportunity. Unlocking intrinsic value! This has been achieved in property amalgamation and master-planning, sharing of resources and utilities, and the attainment of best practice principals for the group.

Robert is most grateful for the clients and team of people that have helped make Deans Property a success, the greatest testament is the long standing relationships with staff, many of whom have left over the years and returned to employment at Deans Property.

Robert is blessed with 4 children and his wife Sharon also works within the business.

Robert welcomes all business and referrals and enjoys helping people achieve their dreams.