Paul Van Komen

Paul Van Komen

IT Consultant

Paul Van Komen has over 21 years experience in IT support and development.

Prior to Deans Property, he worked in sales; selling Australia on Disc, where he first met Robert Deans (who at the time was a customer) and a solid relationship was sealed and the rest is history, as they say.

Moving from selling Australia on Disc, he first joined Deans Property in 1992 and at the time he was appointed as the company's IT support and as well as assisted in building / programming Deans Property's internal CRM database software.

He did leave Deans Property as a retained consultant with Wheelchair & Disability Association (House with No Steps) as their programmer and IT support. In this time, he had developed the Teledialer a telemarketing dial program.

He later rejoined Deans Property in 2003 and since then has been focused on getting the company's internal CRM database software to the next level.