Deans Property is a family run business and a market leader in the City Fringe.  We have the personal service, innovative technology and the know-how to match people with property and deliver you real results”  – Robert Deans, Chief Executive Officer and Founder Deans Property.

Since 1993 Deans Property has been at the forefront of the Sydney real estate revolution that has redefined the urban renewal of the CBD and city fringe.

Deans Property provides sales, leasing and property management for commercial and residential properties, as well as development projects.

What you can expect

Experience.  Expertise.  Local knowledge. Inspired know how.  Results.

We have a dedicated team of property professionals to personally deliver you all of that experience, expertise, local knowledge and know-how with care, commitment and respect.

It’s a team hand-picked by Robert Deans – one of Australia’s great urban real estate visionaries.

Deans Property are a team committed to offering you the difference, value and results you deserve.

About Deans Property
Deans Property is your expert in Sydney’s CBD and city fringe real estate. Our portfolio showcases a rich diversity of properties housing an equally diverse mix of cultures, businesses and opportunities for buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants alike”- Robert Deans, CEO Deans Property

Our Values
Deans Property creates a culture of success based on the values of mutual respect, trust, consistent effort, integrity and creativity. This forms the foundation for excellence and professionalism in our service to clients and ensures our continued success.

Knowledge & Networks
We have an unmatched wealth of knowledge and a vast storehouse of personal connections and business networks garnered from over twenty years of being a trusted part of the community. Whether you are a client looking for property, or an owner wanting to sell; a landlord looking for better property management; an investor, buyer, property developer, overseas student or a tenant, we have the current market data and trends at our fingertips to effectively match your needs and deliver the results you seek.

Best Practice, Service & Solutions
At Deans Property we pay close attention to who you are and what you need. We know for many people any property purchase or sale is a big life decision.  You want to get it right.  And we are there every step of the way to get it right with you. That’s what our expert team of property professionals is trained to do. With every client. Every time.

Smart Technology
Deans Property has invested substantially in smart technology, creating our worldwide patented marketing and transaction system.  Our system integrates everything, from straight sales and leasing, to financial collection services, to tenant management and integrated marketing campaigns.

Matching People With Property
Deans Property matches the unique blend of residential, commercial and industrial properties that characterize Sydney’s CBD and city fringe with our extensive database of clients.

Our strategic lead-generation and management model allows us to provide you with a complete customised experience.

We also create targeted, tailor-made property campaigns and offer a fully integrated property management service.

Deans Property: Matching people with property.